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How do you submit data to your pension scheme?

As an employer you must regularly submit data to your pension scheme. Using paper forms causes a significant overhead in terms of administrational effort. Employers who submit data electronically are often capturing this information manually by typing the data into a spreadsheet, increasing operational risk.


i-Connect reduces the cost and risk associated with processing pension data by automating the submission of data to your pension scheme ...Read more

i-Connect improves the flow of data from your HR and payroll systems to the pension fund, minimising manual intervention in the process. i-Connect:

  • automatically identifies changes to the workforce
  • provides a straight through process for submitting data
  • assists in addressing auto-enrolment
  • generates reminders to ensure you meet your obligations
  • generates record keeping required by regulations
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i-Connect evaluates the workforce each payroll period, automatically identifying and submitting the data
required by the pension scheme.